My Environmental Policy at Awelon

The front of Awelon -Manorbier with solar panels on the roof

This Environmental Policy page is a list of the actions I take to maintain my Green Key Wales and Trip Advisors Green Leader Award.

Electricity and Water Consumption

I have solar panels to generate electricity and a solar thermal panel to heat some of the water in my pressurised water tank.  I am on a water meter so as to monitor the consumption of the property.  My toilets are compact dual flush to save water.

Throughout the house I have energy saving LED spotlights and use energy saving lightbulbs in any table lamps.


I recycle as much as possible, which includes all cardboard, paper, plastic, tins, glass and food waste.

 Drying Laundry and Linen Changes

I use a laundry service which collects my used linen and towels every two weeks, this helps reduce the use of the washing machine or tumble dryer particularly as I do lots of changeovers.  I change the linen for guests staying over three days once a week unless a guest wishes to have any towel or linen changed, then, of course, I would be happy to do this as I ask guest’s to leave the towels in the shower or just request they are changed. I line dry laundry come rain or shine, finishing them off in the tumble dryer to soften them up. 

Pembrokeshire Produce

I shop locally where possible, sourcing our produce from local butchers who deliver it to Awelon to keep our food miles low and support local business.  I tend to have a weekly home delivery service from the supermarket where I try and use Welsh yoghurts and butter. I buy my coffee in bean form to roast fresh each day from a local large coffee supplier in Pembroke Dock, and order bulk fair trade products from accountable suppliers. for guest hospitality trays. I use fresh milk or other soya/ lacto free products rather than UHT cartons.


I source the guest luxury toiletries from a community based company in Carmarthenshire,  who provide work experience for adults with learning difficulties enter the workplace. Our environmentally-friendly toiletries are re-fillable, which minimises plastic waste.

Cleaning Products

I use Little Green Planet as my supplier of eco cleaning products and tend to try and order from British companies.

The Garden

I try as far as possible to avoid using chemicals and use the water butt to water the garden unless it is extremely hot then I will use the hose pipe sparingly in the early morning or evening.

I have a battery rechargeable lawn mower.

My planting scheme continues to evolve each year and I try with my plant and shrub selection to encourage bees, butterflies birds into the garden.

To help us be as green as possible, please consider your own energy usage during your stay. You could…

Turn off lights and TV when not in use to reduce energy waste.

Be mindful when using water – turn off the tap when brushing your teeth.

Explore and enjoy Pembrokeshire walking or taking local buses.

Many thanks,