Six Things to do re opening a bed and breakfast in Pembrokeshire in 2015

  1. Check your bedrooms and bathrooms are clean, particularly, shower traps,toilet brushes and that there are enough spare toilet rolls in each bathroom.
  2. Check you have ordered enough tea, instant and real bean coffee, herbal teas, biscuits, sausages, bacon with Gluten free produce and shower gel.
  3. Check TV’s, all electrical appliances are functioning, including the WiFi is working for your guests.
  4. Check you have enough bedding, towels etc and think about employing a laundry.
  5. Make sure you are complying with food hygiene, check your fridge temperatures daily and have two food folder’s for you and your guests about food intolerance and the breakdown of the ingredients in the produce you use.
  6. Lastly check your bread maker is working to make your range of breads. Look out your recipe books to make cakes, jams and marmalade all ready for guests arrival.

It is all so easy!! ¬†Et Voila, finger’s crossed guest’s will enjoy their stay in Pembrokeshire.

Let the season commence.

Manorbier Bed and Breakfast Sunflower

Homemade multi seeded loaf