Last weekend I had some guests to stay who decided to book  with me because they put the keywords into Google, surfing, accommodation, Pembrokeshire and yours truly at Manorbier Bed and Breakfast came up immediately. The wonders of Google and the worldwide web! Having had horrendous storms for the last six weeks they happened to come the weekend when the sun shone and the men surfed at Manorbier four times.  One lived in Devon where he surfed regularly, and he decided to try surfing in Pembrokeshire as a new location.  He did admit to not doing any research using Magic Seaweed, the oracle for all keen surfers! He is an extremely keen and  good surfer, he just did not have any time prior to their arrival to do any research.

They enjoyed the challenges of the reef in the bay, although I cannot say that it was a particularly even swell, but they enjoyed themselves.

The two sister in laws were nearly six months pregnant and randomly I had another couple who were staying and she was also almost six months pregnant as well!  They worked out at breakfast they were all due within a week of each other!  What is the likelihood or probability of three pregnant women with similar due dates staying one weekend at Manorbier Bed and Breakfast?!  I handed out three quarter bottles of sparkling wine as a celebration for them!!!

One of my guests surfing at Manorbier last weekend.

A guest surfing at Manorbier

A guest surfing at Manorbier last weekend