Manorbier Bed and Breakfast Homemade Breads

At the beginning of last season I decided to buy a bread machine, instead of paying large amounts of money buying rather boring bread for my guests.  I spent weeks doing research as to which was rated the best machine.  Before I knew it I had pressed the button to buy, there was no going back!  The day arrived when it came I stared at this enormous box and I thought firstly, where shall I put it, it’s larger than I had anticipated!  Secondly, despite reading the instructions I was none the wiser.  It sat there for three weeks lonely,unloved and rejected until some lovely guests arrived and we got into a discussion on bread making and bread makers.  They became my salvation and explained how to use the delayed timer function.  Joy my first loaf of bread was produced for them, and the rest is now history.  I always make the bread the day before so that it is not too soft to cut for toast the next morning.  I will leave the merits of various bread flours I have road tested for another blog post.  It has gone from an unloved item on a sideboard at my bed and breakfast to an adored,mega star competing with my dog.

I offer my guest’s a choice of homemade six seeded loaf, a sunflower loaf or a plain white loaf with homemade jams and marmalade.

Manorbier Bed and Breakfast Multi Seeded Loaf

Manorbier Bed and Breakfast Homemade Wholewheat Multi Seeded Loaf


Homemade Manorbier Bed and Breakfast Sunflower Bread

Manorbier Bed and Breakfast White Homemade Sunflower Loaf

Manorbier Bed and breakfast Homemade White Loaf

Manorbier Bed and Breakfast Homemade White Loaf