This week I had an incident in the guest shower that occurred not once but twice in under five minutes.  I would like to reassure those interested that unlike the film The Shining, there was no large kitchen knives used, no plastic shower curtains, a naked woman or lastly Jack Nicholson!!!

The incident was as follows:

I was polishing the tiles on the back wall of the shower in the double en suite as you do ready for the next guests when I accidentally knocked the thermostat on/of shower knob on the now gleaming thermostat dial and as I have a massive pressurised system I got absolutely soaked.  I hasten to add I had already had one shower that morning and had not planned to have another one fully clothed.  I had to start the whole wiping down and polishing all over again, only to have the whole thing happen again!  At this point I decided enough was enough there are limits to polishing and taking hygiene to a whole new level. I ended up running down the corridor dripping water everywhere on my new carpets to once again change my clothes looking like a drowned rat.  Not I hasten to add a good look!

I am absolutely full to capacity this Easter weekend so I have moved out of my bedroom to relocate to my study and sofa bed!  Well you cannot say no to a five-day booking can you when my other guest bedrooms are booked.

Oh the joys of running a B and B!

Double en suite shower room